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By on November 5, 2017

Release Date : 4 Mar, 2011
Duration : 86 Min
Director : Daniel Barnz
Genre : Romance | Drama | Fantasy

Plot :

Inspired from a novel having the same title, Beastly is a romantic movie with an eye-popping twist to its fantastical storyline.

It presents an interesting answer to the age-old question that whether ugly looks are a barrier to the success of a love story. Kyle’s stunning looks are blemished by his mean nature. Being a guy, who oozes tremendous charisma, no one can match his popularity at school. In complete awe of his looks, Kyle stupidly decides to use this position of advantage to humiliate a girl named Kendra. Being unaware that she is a witch, Kyle is about to invite doom into his life. Suffering from the pangs of humiliation, an infuriated Kendra dismantles the charm of Kyle. For Kyle, the only way to nullify the effects of this spell is to find someone, who truly loves him. His failure to do so implies leading a whole life, facing the stigma of ugliness. However, Kyle can see some light at the end of the dark tunnel in the form of his class-fellow Lindy. He never considered her worthy of his love, but now his destiny will be decided by her. What will happen next?

To know the answer to this question, you need to catch up with this spellbinding movie. The movie lets viewers embark on the journey which is full of exciting twists and turns. Watch the movie as a beast puts his everything at stake to make a beauty fall for him.

Reviews :

Interesting subject matter, gorgeous stars, thought provoking scenes, hilarious dialogues and expertly direction are the USP of the movie, Beastly. The makers have juxtaposed fantasy with contemporary teens’ desires to present an unforgettable experience.

The excellent script and energetic performances make this movie dear to the masses. Did you ever hear that love is always beautiful? Well, the same fact is injected in this movie too. The movie sends a message to all that one should never take pride in his talents and looks because both of them can deteriorate with the passage of time.

This romantic drama begins with an exceptionally good looking guy named Kyle, whose pride is his father’s wealth and his looks. The maker of this world punishes the narcissistic being for his sins. Soon this good looking man turns into a horrible being, and the biggest rule to break the spell is that he has to persuade a woman with his ugly look.

This terrible transformation and the arrival of Vanessa Hudgens make this movie even more interesting. As Lindy, she has done a commendable job; her expressions, costumes, dialogues and body language have complimented her entire role. Her arrival not only brings a ray of hope in Kyle’s life, but it also brings in an adequate degree of realism to the plot.

If we talk about the production values, then they are of excellent order because the movie has sufficient realism with superb beginning and ending, including incredible props for thrilling scenes and suitable locations and settings.

The movie can be termed as an updated version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ but it is completely different from the other beastly versions! If you look at the horrible avatar of Kyle, then you may find him the most handsome beast of Hollywood. Unlike other movies, this romantic movie may center on fantasy but all the events, dialogues and actions have been presented in a realistic manner.

The director of the movie, Daniel Barnz, has maintained a perfect balance between pre and post avatars of Kyle. Both the avatars are deeply fascinating and provide lessons to all. There are three major points, which hold the audiences’ attention throughout the movie. These include Kyle’s curse, Kyle’s protection of Lindy, and Kyle’s enlightenment. In short, the movie is an out of ordinary experience that will tempt millions of fans of the genre.