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Jennifer Aniston Follows Into Angelina’s Footsteps!

By on March 28, 2011

Six years ago, fans were crying hoarse against Angelina Jolie, when we received the news that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had decided to part ways!

Of course, fingers were pointed at the seductress Angelina for coming crashing down on a married man. Or perhaps, we cannot put all the blame on her, as cupid does strike at times when you least expect it. History does repeat itself, but that it would do so in such a drastic form, seems to surprise me a bit!

News is pouring in that it’s Jennifer Aniston’s turn now to indulge in the ‘stealing act’! Yes! For, the new man in her life, Justin Theroux, was the cynosure of someone else’s eyes for the last thirteen years!

Phew! Seems complicated? Well, don’t you worry for I’m here to clear the air! Justin has had a girlfriend in Heidi Bivens, both being in a sort of live-in relationship for more than a decade. Nothing seems to have gone wrong between the two, but it’s just that Mr. Theroux seems to have fallen for The Bounty Hunter actress, without even realizing that he had strings attached with someone else.

We do understand that love has its own reasons, of which reason knows nothing! But then, Jenny dear, you could have watched out, for you have been through similar trauma, and inflicting the same on some other woman doesn’t seem to be justified.